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Chicken in Clay Pots with Egg Lemon Sauce

45 min Cook
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I love cooking in clay pots because it reminds me of the simplicity and the earthiness of food.  It also reminds me of the clay pots passed down from one generation to the next and that I’m cooking food in an old traditional way.  I don’t know why, but food cooked in clay pots always tastes better.  If you don’t have any on hand, check out these options for both clay pots and mini casserole pots with lids. 

You can even go to the local grocery stores (Bakaliko) in our town of Molyvos, and get freshly made yogurt in clay pots.  When I was living in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, I found the exact same thing and was so happy that they too would sell traditional yogurt in clay pots.  

This dish combines poached chicken with celery, green onions, and garlic along with some white wine and spices served with my Egg Lemon Sauce (Avgolemono). 

chicken clay pot ingredients

All the ingredients needed.

I know the ingredients photo looks daunting, however, it is not.  Just prepare all your ingredients while you are poaching your chicken.  This way it is not difficult, but a natural progression from poaching your kitchen, measuring and preparing your ingredients, assembling it, baking it, and making your Egg lemon sauce.  

poached chicken mushrooms cheese

Start by poaching your chicken, slicing your mushrooms, and grating your cheese. During this recipe, I decided to use dried wild French mushrooms, which is why they look wet. I also didn’t slice them and left them whole.

As you are poaching your chicken, you can prepare and measure all the other ingredients you will need for this recipe.  

olive oil butter celery parsley garlic green onions

Measure your olive oil and butter and chop your celery, parsley, and green onions. Oh, don’t forget to mince your garlic.

Next, measure out your spices.  Of course, you can use freshly grated nutmeg instead of the store-bought pre-grated type.  Clearly, the freshly grated nutmeg adds more depth, than the 1-year year old nutmeg that has been sitting in the cupboard.  (We are all guilty of that).  

chicken broth white wine spices anthem gum

Measure out your salt, pepper, nutmeg, and Aleppo pepper flakes. Also, your chicken broth and white wine. I’m showing a picture of the optional Xanthum gum in case you need it. You don’t have to use it.

Once you have assembled everything, place the clay pots in the oven and bake for 30 minutes at 350 F degrees.  

chicken in clay pots

Fresh right out of the oven.

While this is baking, you can make your Egg Lemon Sauce so that you can add to the chicken as soon as it comes out of the oven.  It will take you the full 30 minutes, so start by pre-measuring your ingredients for the  Egg Lemon sauce



egg lemon sauce

Egg Lemon Sauce (Avgolemono)

As soon as your chicken comes out of the oven, add the Egg Lemon sauce and then add some freshly ground black pepper.  Serve and enjoy! 

chicken in clay pot with egg lemon sauce

Serve with Egg Lemon Sauce.

Chicken in Clay Pots with Egg Lemon Sauce

Chicken in Clay Pots with Egg Lemon Sauce

This clay pot mean combines poached chicken, celery, and green onions topped with kasseri cheese that gives you a wonderful combination of flavors and textures.
prep time
30 min
cooking time
45 min
total time
1 hour and 15 min


  • 4 clay pots or

  • 4 large Ramekins


  • 3 whole chicken breasts, poached

  • 1½ lb. fresh mushrooms, sliced

  • 1 cup green onions, green onions (approx. 6)

  • 1 cup celery, chopped (approx. 3 stalks)

  • 3 cloves garlic, minced

  • 4 Tbsp. butter

  • 4 Tbsp. Greek Olive Oil

  • ½ cup chicken broth

  • ½ cup dry white wine

  • ½ tsp. salt

  • ½ tsp. pepper

  • ½ tsp. Aleppo pepper flakes

  • ½ tsp. nutmeg

  • ¼ cup fresh parsley, chopped

  • 1 cup grated Kasseri cheese or Gruyere cheese, divided

  • Dash of Xanthum Gum (optional)

  • Egg Lemon Sauce (See under Sauces & Dressings)


Poach chicken in some chicken broth for 20 minutes. If I don't have chicken broth on hand, just take 2 Knorr chicken cubes (or your favorite brand) and drop them in the water and poach the chicken for 20 minutes. Remove and cool. Then cut each breast into 8 pieces. Set aside.
In a large pan, add your butter and olive oil. Sauté your mushrooms, onions, celery, and garlic until softened. This should take you about 5 to 10 minutes max.
Now add your chicken broth, wine, and spices until most of the liquid has been absorbed. You do want some liquid, but not soup. If you find that you have more liquid than you should have, add the optional 1/8 of tsp Xanthum gum to thicken.
Remove from heat and equally divide into the 4 clay pots. Top with 1/4 cup cheese in each clay pot.
Bake in preheated 350 F degrees for 30 minutes.
Serve this with Egg Lemon sauce. (You can make the Egg Lemon Sauce during the 30 minutes your clay pots are baking). At least have your ingredients measured out so the minute you put the clay pots in the oven, you can start on your sauce.
Remove the clay pots from the oven, add about 1/2 cup Egg lemon sauce over each dish and serve hot.
Enjoy! Bon Appetit! Kali Orexi!


You could do this in parchment paper if you don't have clay pots. Once it is finished cooking, then open the parcel and pour your egg-lemon sauce over the top and serve.

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